• Kingdom of Annakolia & Eastern Isles Calendar

    The Kingdom of Annakolia calendar is the most widely used throughout the continent of Annakolia and some of the nearby islands. Since the Kingdom of Annakolia is represented by a dragon, the designation DR or Dragon Rising refers to the establishment of the Kingdom of Annakolia Months are generally referred to as moons.

    Fireseek 1st Moon - Readying 2nd Moon - Greening 3rd Moon - Planting 4th Moon - Lambing 5th Moon - Midsun 6th Moon - Reaping 7th Moon - Halcyon 8th Moon - Harvester 9th Moon - Patchwall 10th Moon - Barewood 11th Moon - Yule 12th Moon

    Eastern Isles, also uses a 12 month calendar, but the names of the months are different.

    Stag 1st Moon - Dragon 2nd Moon - Bear 3rd Moon - Mouse 4th Moon - Tiger 5th Moon - Badger 6th Moon - Fish 7th Moon - Snake 8th Moon - Eagle 9th Moon - Horse 10th Moon -Pig 11th Moon - Wolf 12th Moon