• Realms of Annakolia Hak Downloads

    Server listed under Role Play servers: Annakolia CEP Currently using Beamdog Beta NWN EE, Annakolia Full hak set (rar) for 1.69 (12/11/2017) use the download button for Annakolia Full Hak set. Make certain you place the haks and tlk in the new folders under documents/Neverwinter Nights (Created after game first start).

    Annakolia Full hak set >>
  • CEP 2.4 Required

    Realms of Annakolia require CEP 2.4 - later attempts to update the CEP are not necessarly compatible. CEP available here for download. CEP haks need to go in the new Neverwinter Nights folders created under your documents folder - Do not install in the Beamdog library.

    CEP 2.4 Required >>
  • Annakolia Full Music Package

    Music is an emersive experience - imagine a movie without music, it sets the mood and provides a level of imersion to experience the whole. So too with Realms of Annakolia - you do not have to have these to get on but you will miss out not having them.

    Annakolia Full Music Package >>
  • RoA Portrait set

    As with anything worth doing, custom portraits add to the general character play allowing other players to see an image of how you see your own character. For this reason, we offer a collection of custom portraits, and will, if sent to us, put in new ones for download and use.

    RoA Portrait set >>