Annakolia Hak Download Page

Server listed under Role Play servers: Annakolia CEP

Currently using Beamdog Beta NWN EE

Annakolia Full hak set (rar) for 1.69 (12/11/2017)

You need this in addition to the full hak:

CEP 2.4 on the NWVault (This is required for 1.69)

OR download from our site:

CEP 2.4 Required (Easier to download from here)

How to install CEP - Tutorial

*************Current updates**************************

Full Download is current as of 12/11/2017

Updated Hak if you already have the rest (12/11?2017)


Annakolia Full Music Package


Annakol Player's Handbook

Fairy Portrait Set

RoA Portrait set


CEP 2.2 c2 for Mac