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How To Play on Annakolia

What is Realms of Annakolia?

How to play on Realms of Annakolia:
Purchase Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition. A Internet search should find sites where you can buy it for about 10 U.S. Dollars. As long as the seller provides you with CD key, used games are fine. Be careful that you get Neverwinter Nights ONE (1) Diamond Edition (or other NWN editions that provide you with NWN and the two expansions (all included in Diamond and Platnum NWN editions) however you do NOT want, Neverwinter Nights 2 to play in this world.

BioWare links to places where you can buy the game.

Install Neverwinter Night on your computer.

Enter the CD Key (Usually found in the game manual)

You will need to download the Bioware NWN update (Critical Update 1.69)
use this link for NWN info and instructions:
Click on this liink to download the critical updat 1.69:

or here:

Go to the Realms of Annakolia download site.

Annakolia Full hak set (rar)
CEP 2.3 on the NWN Vault
Annakol Updates, if any and install them
Optional but recommended: Annakolia Full Music Package

After the downloads are complete:
Extract the rar files.
Place the all hak files in the NWN hak file folder.
Place the all tlk files in the NWN tlk file folder.

Final Steps:
Start the game
Create a player name and password
Select Play
Select Multiplayer
Look for "Annakolia CEP" under Role Play or Direct Connect to IP:
Create your first character
Log on and join the fun.

Besides all the standard Neverwinter Nights Classes, Realms of Annakolia offers 24 custom character classes:


  • Annakolia Custom Prestige Classes:

  • Acrobat
    Eldritch Knight
    Holy Liberator
    Mage Guard
    Mystic Theurges
    Arcane Trickster
    Purist of the Flame
    Totem Druid
    Arrow Reaver
    Temple Raider
    Golem Maker
    Traveling Merchant
    Wind Sniper
    Winter Witch

Application required for exotic races such as brownies, wemics, other non-standard races, and evil alignments.

New classes add more fun and variety to the game experience – the Pencil & Paper feel being the goal of the server in a multi player environment. Role play is very much a part of the PnP D&D game as is combat – we have both role play and adventure in a very large and rich environment.

With the new developed Sparky Spawning system, use of D&D tables are now being implemented in areas – this creates a very different game environment. With a complex table rolling the encounters every time a player enters an unoccupied area, the placement and type of creatures are so varied that one cannot learn where a trigger to spawn is located, and know what to expect – it is always different.

Annakolia is now about 2,000 areas in size and expanding – new and exciting areas are being constructed and old ones being remade, updated and improved daily.

Annakolia history is deep and rich with many facets – the political structure is interesting and in conflict with wars and strife.








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Annakolia has award winning DMs and Players: Athena, Barry_1066, Charissa_1066, Feather, Halfling Heaven, Mkmddx, and Roannon, have all received DM of the mounth awards on Neverwinter Connections and Barry_1066 has received DM of the year. So many players have received monthly awards but Athena, Charissa and Lady Roleplay have received Player of the year awards.

Halfling News: Shrieks of amazement could be heard throughout the Shire today as Farmer Goodfellow harvested his winter yield of Parsnips. One particular parsnip, when uprooted, was discovered to bear a remarkable resemblance to Saint Marcus himself. The vegetable bore such a likeness that the clergy of the temple of Saint Marcus have designated the whole week with the name of 'Parsnip Week' and encourage all halflings to indulge in the 'now sacred' root.

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